Our Escape Rooms


Aunt Elsie's Inheritance

"Find YOUR Fortune"

Your late Aunt Elsie was a weird old bird who believed all her nieces and nephews were only interested in her money. Therefore, before her death, she hid her fortune in her booby-trapped condo, hoping that the relative who could locate the fortune had “earned it.” Should nobody discover the bequeathed, all fortune shall be donated to the Cattery of Ft. Myers. So, nieces and nephews, do you have what it takes to find dear Aunt Elsie’s inheritance?

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Madam Paisley's Gone Crazy

"What's wrong with Madam Paisley?"

Something is NOT right in Madam Paisley’s fortune-telling tent. She was the biggest hit at the carnival but had not seen a client in weeks. We hear her in there, talking to herself and banging around. However, every time a customer comes for a reading, she refuses to answer the door. If she doesn’t open back up for business in an hour, she’s being replaced by the circus act who wants her tent! What’s wrong with Madam Paisley?

Warning: Escape Room experience may include elements related to the occult, such as tarot cards and Ouija boards. Participants with sensitivities or discomfort towards such themes are advised to consider this before entering. Player discretion is advised.

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The Country Club Caper

"Have a Ball?"

Golden Golf Ball Country Club historically hosts a distinguished annual “member/guest” tournament. However, just an hour before the event commences, the club’s 18-carat golden golf ball, which adorns the clubs’ prestigious gates, has vanished. Detectives, you have been called to locate this iconic emblem before the gates open to the esteemed guests. Can you and your team of detectives find the iconic emblem in time, or is the tournament truly doomed?


We only offer PRIVATE experiences at Escapades; admission is $35 per person with a two player minimum booking requirement.

Per Player – $35.00

(Please call for large group discounts)